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The Program

Alveary offers curriculum and support in all subjects for elementary, middle, and high school. We provide a North American curriculum that meets and exceeds national standards and aims to grow each student as a person. A family membership (access to all subjects for all grades) is $299. View samples below or download Viewbook to learn more.

Teach students of all grade levels

From 1st to 3rd grade
Primary School
From 4th to 6th grade
Elementary School
From 7th to 8th grade
Middle School
From 9th to 12th grade
High School

Our curricula

Included are booklists, supply lists, detailed lesson plans, schedules, and exams for all subjects. When we couldn’t find resources we liked, we actually wrote core materials ourselves, including our French, Spanish, Art, Geography, and Reading lessons.

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This course includes:

Subject Overview

This course includes:


This course includes:

Physical Education

This course includes:

Life Skills

This course includes:


This course includes:


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Download our Alveary Viewbook, which includes a Free Term of Picture Study lessons!

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Alveary offers more


You won’t lean into a relational education alone! Along with our extensive curriculum, we also offer diverse training resources to assist you. Our weekly newsletter and live office hours provide direct support from the Alveary team, and our member community will bring you expertise, camaraderie, and encouragement.

Extensive Resources

We offer webinars, a Reflective Practice planbook, tutorials, training courses and more to help you be the best teacher you can be.

Thriving Community

You will be supported and encouraged by like-minded educators around the globe and in your neighborhood through Alveary Hive, Alveary Weekly, and live Office Hours.

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Alveary book previews

Alveary team members highlight book choices for the upcoming year for each grade.

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Download our viewbook to see if Alveary could be a good fit for you. Should you have questions after reading our materials, please contact us.

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