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Alveary offers curriculum and support in all subjects for elementary, middle, and high school. We provide a North American curriculum that meets and exceeds national standards and aims to grow each student as a person. A family membership (access to all subjects for all grades) is $299. View samples below or download Viewbook to learn more.

Curriculum & Support

Teach students of all grade levels. Get access to training and support along the way.

Start with our Overview Document and Book Preview Videos to get a bird’s eye view of all that Alveary has to offer. Individual samples on this page are limited and give a taste for each grade or subject.

Receive a full term of Composer Study Lessons

Alveary membership includes booklists, supply lists, detailed lesson plans, schedules, and exams for all subjects. View subject samples to get a sense for what you’ll receive as a member!

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Everything you love about Alveary’s rich lesson plans, now available already loaded into the Syllabird scheduling tool for only a additional $10/month (billed as $120/year). Tailored daily lessons for each child, accessible online or in print.

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Our weekly newsletter and live office hours provide direct support from the Alveary team, and our member community will bring you expertise, camaraderie, and encouragement.

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The Hive is a place outside of busy and distracting social media platforms for us to talk about Charlotte Mason, encourage one another, and share and collaborate on all things Alveary.

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Interested in using Alveary in your co-op, hybrid, or school? Community is vital, and Alveary makes it easy!

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Receive a FULL term of Composer Study Lessons!

Alveary membership includes booklists, supply lists, detailed lesson plans, schedules, and exams for all subjects. When we couldn’t find resources we liked, we actually wrote core materials ourselves, including our French, Spanish, Art, Geography, and Reading lessons.

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