Alveary Curriculum

Awakening Children to Delightful Living

Alveary is a complete and comprehensive curriculum and teacher training program for homeschools, co-ops, and schools.

Curriculum and teacher training program

Alveary is a complete and comprehensive curriculum and teacher training program for homeschools, co-ops, and schools. Our aim is to provide a robust and modern course of study that is both true to Charlotte Mason’s model of education and relevant for 21st-century students living in the United States and Canada.

Alveary is a membership program. Registration for the 2024-25 school year opened February 1, 2024, and memberships will expire on June 30, 2025.

Alveary is created by the Charlotte Mason Institute.

Teach students of all grade levels

Alveary offers curriculum and support in all subjects for grades 1-12. We provide a North American curriculum that meets and exceeds national standards and aims to grow each student as a person.

Primary School
From 1st to 3rd grade
Primary School
Primary School
Elementary School
From 4th to 6th grade
Elementary School
Elementary School
Middle School
From 7th to 8th grade
Middle School
Middle School
High School
From 9th to 12th grade
High School
High School

Alveary for home

A family membership gives access to all subjects for grades 1-12 for $299. Registration opens February 1st for the upcoming school year, and memberships expire on June 30. The earlier you register the longer you will have access to our vast collection of training resources and the sooner you can start ordering your books.

Alveary for classroom

Interested in using Alveary in a group? Read our licensing policies for individual subjects and explore Alveary co-op, micro school, and school options. Co-op leaders should apply to obtain an exclusive membership rate of $249 for co-op members. Request a consultation if you are looking to use Alveary in your hybrid organization or school. We'll follow up with you personally to discuss how Alveary can best serve your students.

More than a curriculum

Alveary includes:

World-Class Curriculum

Authentically Mason, incredibly rich, Alveary will provide you with all the tools you need to educate your students well.

Thriving Community

You will be supported and encouraged by like-minded educators around the globe and in your neighborhood.

Unparalleled Growth

Opportunities for learning abound in Alveary for both students and teaches.

What I love most about about Charlotte Mason’s Alveary is how beautiful and relational it is. My children are making connections and growing in so many diverse areas I never could have facilitated on my own.

Stephanie Russell

Homeschooling Mom of 6 | Alveary member for 5 years

How to Join Alveary

Invest today in a relational education for yourself and your students.

  • Peruse the website
  • Download the Alveary Viewbook
  • Become a member
  • Confidently educate your students!