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General information

To what degree can students work independently in the Alveary?

This depends on student age and ability. Students in Grades 1-3 (Form 1) require a lot of teacher attention. Grades 4-6 (Form 2) students can do some things independently, but they will still need heavy support sometimes. Students in Grades 7-8 (Form 3) will be much more independent, although they will still need some guidance in certain subjects. In high school (Forms 4-6), our lesson plans are actually written to the student, and the teacher’s role shifts to mainly one of accountability. One way we try to help you navigate all these needs in the younger grades is by including a symbol for each set of lesson plans which represents an estimate of the amount of teacher attention required for all the subjects at various levels. Paying attention to this can help you plan your schedule accordingly.

Is this a Christian curriculum?

The Alveary is part of the Charlotte Mason Institute, which is an educational nonprofit. Our purpose is to support a worldwide community of learners and educators in an authentic practice of Charlotte Mason’s paradigm of education, which was decidedly Christian. Our curriculum reflects Mason’s commitment to presenting to each student the knowledge of God, man, and the universe; however, we do not promote a particular denominational doctrine or worldview. 

Is Alveary an ‘open-and-go’ program?

Not really. With such a living, organic approach to education, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to put it all in a ready-to-use box. There will still be things that you need to think through and plan for yourself, including if/how you will combine your students, what your schedule will look like, and which books from which grades you will choose. This takes some time and effort, but once you make those decisions, you can use the appropriate lesson plans with ease.  

How is Alveary structured?

The school year is divided into three terms of twelve weeks each. Eleven of those are for instruction and one is for exams. With the exception of Grade 1, everyone studies the same time period in history, making it easy to combine students of different ages for lessons. 

How is the Alveary different from other curricula?

The Alveary is a product of the Charlotte Mason Institute, an educational nonprofit (501c3). The purpose of the Charlotte Mason Institute is to support a worldwide community of learners and educators in an authentic practice of Charlotte Mason’s paradigm of education. Membership in Alveary also Includes excellent support as part of the package.

  • Our Alveary Member Tutorial shows you how Alveary is structured, includes step-by-step instructions for each of Mason’s methods, and describes how each subject progresses as students mature. It also walks you through setting up your school year, including creating a calendar and schedule, placing and combining students, and how to ease in using our Soft Launch plan.
  • Our Reflective Practice Plan Book is like seeing inside the mind of a master teacher. In addition to helping you set goals for yourself and your students for the year, this tool allows you to check in each week by reflecting on what went well and what did not. It also helps you know what to expect at certain ages and what to do if you get off track. In short, it helps you teach (and live) intentionally.
  • Lesson plans are designed to teach you how to implement Mason’s methods.
  • Our archived webinars and extensive Knowledge Base will help you grow as a Mason teacher.

Academic Year

When does the academic year start and finish?

Our academic calendar runs for 13 months from June 1-June 30. (Lesson Plans are published for the new school year on June 1; all current materials are removed from the website on June 30 each year.) Within those dates, members may schedule their school year as they wish. We provide three sample school calendars in our Alveary Member Tutorial, including a 5-day year-round calendar, a traditional 5-day calendar, and a 4-day calendar. Each of them allows for 180 days of instruction, as this meets the requirements of most US states, follows Mason’s model, and ensures that you can finish the lesson plans in one academic year.


What if I don’t finish school before June 30? Will I lose access to everything?

Yes and no. Unless you renew your Alveary membership, you will lose access to the member side of our website on June 30.  However, all of our Lesson Plan sets are downloadable/printable, so you will have those as long as you have downloaded and/or printed them. We have not created audio/video files to be downloadable though some are available offline in the related app.  However, if you have downloaded the PDFs that contain the links, those links will remain live, so you should be able to access them even after memberships end on June 30.

Will I have access to all of the previous years’ programs when I register?

No. New registrants have access only to the Programs for the academic year for which they register (i.e., 2022-23). Members who renew this year will keep access to their current programs (2021-22) and gain access to the new ones (2022-23), but the current year’s Programs are archived on June 30 each year. This follows Mason’s example in encouraging all members to work in the same history rotation.


What is the Alveary “Soft Launch” and how do I access it?

Implementing the full Mason feast entails a pretty large learning curve. This is all the more challenging if one is unfamiliar with Mason’s philosophy. Our Soft Launch option (found in our Alveary Member Tutorial, available upon registration) helps you incorporate the various elements gradually, even as you learn to teach according to Mason’s method. The Soft Launch includes a two-year schedule for introducing subjects so that you can learn to do them well without becoming overwhelmed. 

What will I have access to once I have registered?

This depends on when you register. Most materials are published on February 1 and are available any time thereafter; lesson plans are published on June 1.   

How long does my membership last?

This depends on when you register.  All memberships for the 2022-23 school year include access to all three terms of the 2022-23 curriculum, regardless of when you register. Likewise, all 2022-23 memberships expire on June 30, 2023, regardless of when you register. 

How do I get my login information?

You will set up your password and username during registration. Once you have made your payment, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your login and password. You may change your password (in your account settings) at any time. If you do not see the confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folders.

What is the deadline for registration?

There is no deadline. You may register at any point during the year. 

When may I register for your 2022-2023 curriculum?

Anytime! Registration opened on February 1. 

High School

Can you tell me how I should assign grades for my high school students?

In every term’s exam there is a scoring rubric. You can use the rubric scores across subjects to translate into grades for your student’s transcript.  It is also good practice to talk to the students and ask them to evaluate themselves along the lines of the rubric, both for the term and the year as a whole. 

Do you provide transcripts?

No. However, we do offer a sample Alveary high school transcript on our website and advice on how to count high school credits. Members also have access to webinars that pertain specifically to high school.

Does membership include access to high school materials?

Yes. All grades (1-12) are included.

Canadian Content

Do you offer any specific content for Canadians?

We have a fantastic team of Canadian lesson plan writers who provide book selections and lesson plans in subjects where the content differs from that of the United States. For example, in Form 3 Geography, Canadian students study provinces and territories instead of the fifty states; students in Forms 1-3 study Canadian History instead of US History. We also provide book titles for Canadian historical fiction and biographies. Canadian artists, poets, and folk songs are incorporated into the Alveary as a whole, rather than pulled out separately, so that American students can get to know their neighbors, as well.

Still have a question?

Once you submit your question, our team will decide how best to address it in order to benefit as many people as possible. While some questions may warrant a personal response, some may be best addressed via our newsletter, The Buzz. Another option is to come to our Alveary leadership office hours. Click on the following link, choose a date, and submit your question in the comment section.